Global Investor Challenge

Global Investor Challenge Pitching Event

Thursday June 11th 2020

Online Webinar from Cork

Mirai Medical, Declan Soden – Cork Ireland voted most investible Company by Judges & Attendees


Please find below the list of 4 companies – selected from 50+ applications – that pitched during the Global Investor Challenge at the Changing Worlds event on June 11th. Also included is 6 companies who were shortlisted from all applications.

EMPE Diagnostics

EMPE’s DNA-based diagnostics test kit can identify tuberculosis bacteria and its antibiotic drug resistance at an affordable cost and without any advanced instruments.

Investment sought: €4M

Country: Sweden

Enigma Digital

Enigma Digital gives back to smartphone users full control of their data. Their sophisticated but user-friendly desktop and mobile applications are used to recover, view, and manage consumers’ data on today’s most popular mobile devices.

Investment sought: €1.5M

Country: United Kingdom


Eversens is a company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of non-invasive clinical diagnosis systems through the detection of exhaled biomarkers.

Investment sought: €1.5M

Country: Spain

Mirai Medical

Mirai Medical is a cancer medical device company utilising precision electroporation to improve the outcomes for cancer patients.

Investment sought: €2.5

Country: Ireland

Shortlisted Companies


Bioo is dedicated to the generation of electricity from nature through unique technologies and patents of its own, including the production of electricity from photosynthesis.

Investment sought: €1M - €1.5M

Country: Spain

Capri Medical

Capri-Medical develop injectable bioelectronic devices for the treatment of Migraine and Chronic Pain.

Investment sought: €5M

Country: Ireland


CloudGuide offers a sightseeing app to guide and engage the visitors at tourist attractions, uniting all the sites in a single app with official content, creating a long-lasting experience for the visitor and boosting engagement with the site.

Investment sought: €1M

Country: Spain


Fundsfy is a compelling and mobile native wealth management company providing access to top firms' investment product and advisory services completed by full banking features.

Investment sought: €500K

Country: Spain


INOPTEC’s transhuman Vision Enhancement System (VES) enables perfect vision – day or night – under otherwise impossible viewing conditions.

Investment sought: Seed €250K / Series-A €2M

Country: Germany


MOWOOT is a growth stage medical device company targeting intestinal transit disorders with a novel, purely physical, non-drug & non-invasive solution.

Investment sought: €1.6M

Country: Germany