The Changing Worlds Webinar event took place on Thursday June 11th 2020 with partners EBAN, CorkBIC, the European Investment Project Portal, Cork City Council, Cork County Council and EY.

The 3 hour event profiled Cork and the region, the people, talent and the New Economy post Covid-19 and showed the Connectedness of Cork bringing people and their technology together from across the world onto one Webinar hosted from Cork. 260 people attended from 24 different countries.

We were delighted to have 20 Speakers participate from across the globe including Hermann Hauser from New Zealand; Dr Simon Samaha, Florida; Edna Conway, Massachusetts; Peter Cowley, Cambridge; Julian Costley, London; Jacopo Losso, Brussels; Nina Reinhardt, Switzerland; Neil Gibson, Belfast; Colin Mason, Glasgow; Vitaly Polekhin, Moscow & pitching companies from Ireland, Spain, UK & Sweden

Videos Available of all sessionsClick HERE

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The Webinar event included:

  • The Panel Discussion where Disruption across Sectors was discussed with Entrepreneurs and Investors including Allan Beechinor, Altada Technology Solutions; Ann Marie Mc Sorley, Veri; Dr Simon Samaha MD and Vitaly Polekhin, National Business Angels Association, Russia.
  • Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Glasgow discussed his report on ‘The Corona Virus Economic Crisis: Its impact on Venture Capital & High Growth Enterprises’

  • Michael O’Connor, CorkBIC chatted to Edna Conway, VP & GM, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure for Microsoft, about Security in a Connected World during Covid19 and post Covid19.
  • Neil Gibson, Chief Economist, EY looked at Emerging Trends & looking at possible exit strategies due to Covid19

  • Hermann Hauser, Investor & Entrepreneur chatted to Julian Costley about ‘Thinking differently about the future’ – Herman mentioned that he firmly believes “Now’s the best time to start a company!” and that “Disruption, particularly in Deep Tech is happening faster than ever with great opportunities for Entrepreneurs”


Some Quotes from the Webinar:

What a Lesson in humanity!!! – Candace Johnson on Edna Conway

Now’s the best time to start a company! – Hermann Hauser

“We have gone through a pivot, we have seen rapid growth in desire for AI services and we have taken on 6 Subject Matter Experts during Covid19 as a result” – Allan Beechinor, Altada

“The best type of finance for entrepreneurs comes from customers!” – Colin Mason

“Disruption, particularly in Deep Tech is happening faster than ever with great opportunities for Entrepreneurs” – Hermann Hauser

“Data Management and AI is critical for de-risking the future to avoid repeating mistakes made during Covid19” – Dr Simon Samaha

“During this crisis I have learnt about partnership & how to adapt quickly, also our work with our customers has changed to supporting them rather than just selling to them!” – Ann Marie McSorley, Veri

“Europe produces more Startups than the US so we don’t have a startup problem we have a scaleup problem with limited availability of venture capital compared to the US”– Hermann Hauser

Many thanks to our Partners